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Sorry, cat lovers. Dogs are best!

Story and captions by Zander Alper, Co-Editor in Chief

February 25, 2017

Some people might say that cats are a better pet than dogs, but dogs are better if you want a loyal companion at your side. Here are the best reasons why dogs make good pets. For example, dogs can be loyal pets. According to...

Labs rule the dog world

Story and captions by Nick Lewis, Co-Editor in Chief

February 25, 2017

All dogs aren't created equal, but the Labrador retriever is the best breed of dog ever to walk the face of the earth.   The Labrador retriever is the top pick for U.S. Custom and Border Protection service dog. The ...

The positives of social media

Story and captions by Molly Caro, Photo Editor

February 25, 2017

Is social media good or bad? There are some reasons that s ocial media is good and bad. Some people think that social media is valuable, and some people think that it is imperfect. Social media can be positive for p...

Don’t judge employees by their tattoos

Story and captions by Maria Inman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

February 25, 2017

Many businesses have a policy to where if you have too many tattoos then you are not allowed to work at certain places. I can understand why this could be a problem, but overall I don't see why it's so “bad.” You should b...

Don’t restrict kids’ video game play

Story and captions by Kendall Chamberlin, Reporter

February 25, 2017

Most kids like to play video games. Kids like to play a long time but their parents and schools often restrict how long. I think kids should not be restricted in how long they play video games. Playing video games can improve ha...

Drinking, driving ages should be raised

Story and captions by Jake Wilson, Reporter

February 25, 2017

Giving people privileges – such as driving, drinking, and compulsory education – is currently based on age ranges. For example, adolescents in Missouri can begin driving at age 15, well before they have matured. Government...

Four-day school week is best

Story and captions by Austin Sams, Reporter

February 25, 2017

Kids and parents often complain about going to school too much. What if school was only four days instead of five? School should start on Tuesday instead of Monday. According to some studies, a four-day school week improves ...

Detention doesn’t work

Story and captions by Koel Wilkinson, Guest Columnist

February 23, 2017

I don't think detentions or suspensions should happen in schools.  Detentions and suspensions don't show a difference in student behavior.  It's not a punishment  if the behavior does not change. Detentions do not...

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