Journalism echoes down the hallway of Miriam Academy

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Journalism echoes down the hallway of Miriam Academy

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It was a great day: a day of amiable reunion, a day of great opportunity, a day of a new horizon. It was on the first day of school for the new Miriam Academy, Monday, August 15th, when Humanities teacher Chris Holmes announced to students that there was going to be a school newspaper.

“I never got to be part of a newspaper,” said Zander Alper, co-editor of the Echo. “I thought it would be a great opportunity to be a part of something that’s new and exciting.”

This was not only a school newspaper; this was a newspaper wholly run by the students.

“When students feel empowered they’re more excited about doing the work,”, said Mr. Holmes about his decision to offer this. “I think it will be a lot of fun, and I think it has the potential to be one of the best small school newspapers in the nation.”

Mr. Holmes’ ambition is certainly nothing less than invigorating, The paper proves to not only be a chance for students to learn about journalism, but to learn about working independently. Each student is assigned their own job; some are writers, some are photographers, some are editors, and some are designers.

“As you know, I’m an editor”, said co-editor Zander. “The role of an editor is basically to look over the newspaper and see what has to be done, and what can remain the same.”

    He’s not the only one with an important role. Some of the most important people in a newspaper are the writers, who come up with the actual material.
    “It feels good to be a writer,” said Jacob Wilson. “It’s cool to be able to write something and see it be displayed publicly.”

    This is surely a great thing; for students to have control over so many functions, and to get real insight into what the world of journalism and news is.


Co-editors Zander Alper and Nick Lewis work on the newspaper; Zander edits a video for the paper, while Nick uploads breaking news to the website in Mr. Holmes’ room on October 17. As co-editors of the newspaper, they are responsible for the overall production and quality of the publication. (Photo and caption by Daniel Meir)


Managing Editor Emma Hente writes the production schedule for the first edition of the Echo, while Photo Editor Maria looks up events for the entertainment section. Each student had specific responsibilities on the newspaper staff. (Photo and caption by Daniel Meir)

Daniel Meir
Daniel Meir


Ms. Moorman and Mrs. Brothers provide content for the students’ stories by telling them about their experiences in Miriam Academy during an interview in Mr. Holmes’ room. The class learned about their experience working at Miriam Academy, and got to know about their functions at the school. (Caption by Daniel Meir)


Students Austin Sams and Nick Lewis learn about Mrs. Moorman and Mrs. Brothers through a special interview during second period in Mr. Holmes’ room. The students also filmed the interview and hoped to use the footage for their documentary. (Caption by Daniel Meir)


Student and Echo staff writer Henry Lohmann interviews teachers with questions such as “what’s it like to work here at Miriam Academy?” during second period in Mr. Holmes’ room. Henry gathered content for his story from the interview, which proved to be successful. (Caption by Daniel Meir)

“I want them to feel how I feel,” said Jacob Wilson, grinning broadly and laughing heartily. “I want them to see it how I see it.”


Students Jacob Wiley and Dominic Civella help question the visitors of the Echo staff for their stories in Mr. Holmes’ room during the first semester. Jacob and Dominic wrote about what teachers thought of their first two months at the school. (Caption by Daniel Meir)

Chris Holmes

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