Nick Lewis elected president, secretary election this week

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On October 14, 2016 the elections for treasurer, president, and vice president were held. All students voted for their favorite candidate.The student body elections took place in the STEM room from 1:00-1:10. Near the end of the day the winners were announced. Here’s who won: Nick Lewis (President), Austin Sams (Vice-President), and Jake Wilson (Treasurer). Other candidates for being President were: Daniel Meir, Molly Caro, and Bobby Zaitz. “I felt disappointed” Daniel said about losing the election.  Jake was the only one who actually ran for Treasurer. Jake said “It felt like total domination” about being the only one running for treasurer. “I thought it was pretty cool we were able to get a student council with the small school we have,”  said Mr. Holmes. Dr. Jackson said “The election was democratically fair.”


Zander Alper makes Daniel Meir’s Student Council poster at Miriam Academy in Mr. Holmes’ room on September 27. Zander was rooting for Daniel to become president. (Caption by Molly Caro)

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