Creating Magic! Academy baseball team in the works for 2017-18

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The students and Humanities teacher Chris Holmes are planning a junior varsity baseball team for the  2017-2018 school year . Freshmen and sophomores will be playing next year because we want to have a baseball team. We will be playing up to 25 potential schools, although it is unclear where the team would play its home games.   

“We have seven players who are willing to play and we only need five more from next year’s class to field a team,” said Mr. Holmes.  A fundraiser will probably be in place in order to equipment purchased for the season.  

Student Nick Lewis has plenty of his own equipment already.


Dom Civella, Kendall Chamberlin, and Jacob Wiley attempt to field a ball kicked by one of the teachers during the student vs. teacher kickball game. This contest took place on the big field just south of school. (Caption by Emma Hente)

“I played red and select baseball,” said Nick, who took private pitching lessons from Matt McClellan, then the varsity baseball coach at Hazelwood West High School. McClellan’s younger brother, Kyle McClellan, played three years for the St. Louis Cardinals.


Nick Lewis tries to get out one of the teachers during an impromptu kickball game. Nick, a select baseball player in the summer, said he couldn’t wait to finish the game, which ended in a 3-3 tie. (Caption by Emma Hente)


Mrs. Puettmann kicks a ball into the field at the big field while playing kickball against the kids. Kickball has become the favored pastime of Miriam Academy students during motor breaks. (Caption by Emma Hente)

Students don’t have to play to be a part of the team. Molly Caro, for instance, plans to help with promotions.

“I will support the team by making posters and cheering them on,” said Molly, who added that uniforms will be blue and yellow to support the team. “The Uniforms will be blue and yellow because those are our school colors.”

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