Not all rap deserves a bad rap

Story and captions by Jacob Wiley, Reporter

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Over the years, rap music has gotten a bad rap. Deservedly so. So much of it is full of profanity and violence. But that isn’t true of all rappers.

Positive rappers include Bo Dean He is talented rapper, but more than that he is a visionary. Rockwell Knuckles is another rapper with positive messages. He is from North St. Louis, and he gives back to the community. Kenny Knox is another one. He has a congenital heart defect, and he helps others that have the same problem.

Critics of mainstream rap music say violent themes and profanity make the entire genre look bad.

“I really enjoy rap music, but I can’t stand most of the lyrics,” says Humanities teacher Chris Holmes. “I don’t want those negative images inside my head, so I usually don’t listen to it.”

But not all rap music is negative, and Bo Dean, Rockwell Knuckles and Kenny Knox are perfect examples. With more than 70 percent of all teenagers listening to rap, it’s important to have some choices of artists with positive messages.

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