Sorry, cat lovers. Dogs are best!

Story and captions by Zander Alper, Co-Editor in Chief

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Zander Alper

Some people might say that cats are a better pet than dogs, but dogs are better if you want a loyal companion at your side. Here are the best reasons why dogs make good pets.

For example, dogs can be loyal pets. According to Denny Middle School teacher Cecilia McCormick, while a dog’s personality varies  according to their specific breed, only one trait stays the same: dogs are loyal companions. Dogs are social pets. Unlike cats that usually keep to themselves, they are always willing to meet new dogs and new people.  Even though other breeds are more aggressive than others , they all are ready to cuddle with their owners. Dogs are also used as guard dogs. The best guard dogs are usually more territorial than other breeds.

Furthermore, dogs help you get good exercise. According to Purina Farms, dogs  help lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels and are likely not to have minor or serious health problems. In other words, dogs are good for your physical health. They also help people recover from illnesses more quickly  and have higher survival rates than non-dog owners. Also,  children recover faster when they’re ill  because of their furry friends . Studies by Purina Farms also show that dogs give their owners a better sense of emotional well-being because of the unconditional love they give us. Walking your dog can help you meet dog owners and possibly make new friends.

Also, according to Chris Jordan on AlphaMom, dogs  are like natural vacuum cleaners. If you drop food on the floor there is a high chance they’ll eat it right off any surface. Dogs also teach children responsibility. They need to be fed, given water, and played with and exercised. Dogs also give pleasure to people who are more secluded from their family. Dogs can make anyone laugh or say “Awwwwwwww!”

There are many reasons why dogs make good pets. They are always ready to make someone’s day. I say they’ll lick and jump ‘till you drop. 


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