Labs rule the dog world

Story and captions by Nick Lewis, Co-Editor in Chief

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Nick Lewis

All dogs aren’t created equal, but the Labrador retriever is the best breed of dog ever to walk the face of the earth.  

The Labrador retriever is the top pick for U.S. Custom and Border Protection service dog. The breed is also used as hearing dogs, and th ey are also used for the blind and also therapy and physical assistance dogs.

The Labrador retriever was named  the best dog of the year in 2015. That is why they make  such great pets. The lab is a very playful, loyal heartwarming, loving caring dog. It’s a top choice breed around the world.  

The lab is a great hunting dog. They were bred to be hunting and watch out dogs for predators. They grow to be about 80 pounds on average and stand about 25 inches tall. Their life  expectancy is about 11 years, and they usually live very healthy lives.

That is why I feel that the lab is the best breed of dog to ever walk the face of the earth. 


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