The positives of social media

Story and captions by Molly Caro, Photo Editor

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Molly Caro

Is social media good or bad? There are some reasons that s
ocial media is good and bad. Some people think that social media is valuable, and some people think that it is imperfect. Social media can be positive for people. I think social media is overall a
good thing.

First, the reason that it is good is that you can keep in touch with friends if you and your friends don’t go to the same school. When you don’t live in the same city, it is also helpful to video chat. Even if you do go to the same school in the same city, it is still nice to stay in touch. You can always ask a friend for their phone number so you can text or talk to them on the phone.

Second, social media is a good way to find new interests. It is always good to find new interests. You can find new interests on any social media website. If you find new interests, you could have more in common with friends or people that you meet.

Third, being up to date is always good because you can learn what is going on in the world thanks to social media. Social media can tell you about what is going on anywhere in the world. Even if some of it is fake news but not all of it. You can look up anything on social media and it will usually have results.

I think that social media is good because you can have freedom of speech and it is always good to have freedom of speech. Another reason is that you can meet new people and find your friends on social media. I think everyone should be on social media so that can keep in touch with friends, but it is up to other people if they want to be on social media. It is okay that some people don’t like social media.

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