Don’t judge employees by their tattoos

Story and captions by Maria Inman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Maria Inman

Many businesses have a policy to where if you have too many tattoos then you are not allowed to work at certain places. I can understand why this could be a problem, but overall I don’t see why it’s so “bad.” You should be able to get a job no matter how many tattoos you have.

The main reason people often say “you’re not allowed to work here” is because people are too quick to judge. Most people don’t focus on the intelligence of the person; they only look at the looks and automatically think “oh, you have a lot of tattoos, so you’re not smart.”  But on the other side of the story, they could actually be one of the kindest most intelligent people you will ever meet.

What if the tattoos are appropriate and not overdone? By that I mean as long as the tattoos aren’t on their face and well to the point when you can’t see the person at all and the person has a bad personality then I can see why you wouldn’t want them working there. That’s my only reason to not wanting someone to work there.

Everyone should have an equal chance to be given an opportunity to perform at a job. It shouldn’t be based on looks; it should be based on personality, how well they work with people, and knowledge. Tattoos are just a state of art that some people want on their bodies. If anything, these people are very brave and creative. Most people who have tattoos have meaning behind their tattoos, and that just shows they are smart and they have been through a lot. It’s just ink on your skin. It’s like if you get surgery, and you get a scar from it. Does that make you a bad person and make it hard for them to find a job? No it does not.

People with tattoos should not be judged for it and should have an equal shot for a good job.    

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