Don’t restrict kids’ video game play

Story and captions by Kendall Chamberlin, Reporter

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Kendall Chamberlin

Most kids like to play video games. Kids like to play a long time but their parents and schools often restrict how long. I think kids should not be restricted in how long they play video games.

Playing video games can improve hand-eye coordination. When playing them you have to watch the screen and use the controller buttons. Hand-eye coordination helps in sports because you have to focus on what you are doing.

Playing video games can also improve your reflexes, an important skill for soldiers. In the book War Play, Corey Mead talks about how the U.S. military uses video games for training. In video games, you have to do the same stuff over and over again. You have to think fast and react fast. This is a skill you need in life, whether you are a soldier or a 16-year-old new driver. 

The American Psychological Association says video games can help boost social, memory, and cognitive skills. From some people’s viewpoints, playing video games is an example of being lazy. However, scientists now believe that playing video games may improve spatial navigation, reasoning, memory and perception.

Here is the proof that video games can help kids improve in life. Learn the truth about video games helping people. Stop placing restrictions on how much kids can play.

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