Four-day school week is best

Story and captions by Austin Sams, Reporter

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Austin Sams

Kids and parents often complain about going to school too much. What if school was only four days instead of five? School should start on Tuesday instead of Monday.

According to some studies, a four-day school week improves test scores. In one Oregon school district, test scores improved just two years after moving from a traditional five-day week to a four-day week, according to Oakridge School District superintendent Don Kordosky.

 One reason is that more sleep on Monday is more important because everyone’s well rested for Tuesday. Students have trouble focusing when they are tired, so it would be easier to focus if they had more sleep. With the more sleep they would get more work that can be produced because they will be more awake.

Other school districts who have gone to four school days show an improvement in attendance. The Melstone School District in Melstone Montana, indicating that their attendance improved as much as 20 percent over a two-year period after moving to a four-day school week. Chattooga County School District in Georgia also reported an improvement in attendance since implementing its four-day school week.

 Meanwhile, as students are more awake, their understanding of the subjects will be a lot clearer. Mondays are a bad day to start because the days seem longer than they really are. Students are less likely to learn if they are tired and worn out. At least half the population in all public schools are too tired to focus on Mondays because of the weekend fun.

Mondays are also bad because everyone is tired and stressed out. Monday is like a catch-up day to get used to the week because teachers are running around getting things done and students are still in the sleepiness of the weekend. Students are not able to function if they can’t even keep their heads up. Teachers would also benefit from this because they would get more lesson plans done and not have to decide at the last minute on what they teach.

Tuesday is a good day to start because everyone is more awake. Tuesday is also a good day because teachers have another day to get things done for Tuesday. Students are more likely to understand and pay attention on Tuesday because they aren’t so tired and they are more aware of what’s going on because of the more hours of sleep they have gotten.   

I think school should start on Tuesday because of sleep issues.

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