Navigating complex world of dating

Story and captions by Maria Inman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Dating and relationships, this topic comes up a lot as you grow up, even in your adult years. There are a lot of things not covered and questions unanswered and different thoughts from different people’s perspectives of this.

Some of the main rules  based on a relationship is, Loyalty, honesty, trust and communication. Those all are the key to a long-lasting, good relationship. Here are some signs you are in a bad relationship according to Magazine fox news, Not trusting each other, lying, bad communication, a lot of jealousy, accusing, violence. Most of these will result to cheating or an abusive relationship.Is jealousy bad or good in a relationship, and why do we get jealous in a relationship.

“Bad, when you see the other person with another boy or girl it makes you sad, mad, that kind of stuff” says student Molly Caro. I’d say it’s very difficult sometimes to be dating in high school.  it has its pros and it has its cons. The pros would be having someone walk you to class possibly, having a date to school functions. The cons of this are, there’s always gonna be people trying to break you up, rumors, distractions from schoolwork.

You also tend to see in a relationship where one person is head over heels for the other person, this basically means one person gives more into the relationship then the other person.    

“In a course of relationship” Says Teacher Mr. Holmes. Relationships would last and be a lot better if each person did an equal part. Another big part in a relationship is forgiving and letting things go, This is one of the biggest relationship ruiners in high school. There are 3 stages before getting into a relationship. Talking, which basically means you’re flirting back and forth with each other and have feelings for eachother it also means you wanna be with that person and only them. Dating, which means you start going on dates with them to see if you really wanna be with them, but honestly, from personal experience i just skip the dating stage and just mix it in with being in a relationship most people do this. We have the in a relationship stage, which means you are committed to that person only and you two are official and you’re not allowed to flirt with anyone else but your partner. Finally being in a relationship in 2016 is way different from like 1998 but this is just how relationships work.

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