Modern-day heroes make a difference

Story and captions by Jacob Wiley, Reporter

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A first responder is a person who is one of the first people to arrive and assist at an emergency, such as an accident ,natural disaster or terrorist attack. I think they are all heroes.

My dad, Jason Wiley, is an EMT paramedic with Gateway and I think he is a modern-day hero because he saves people’s lives by responding to house fires and car accidents. He became interested when he served in the army as a combat medic. He liked it and found a job with St. Louis West Hospital. Later, he started working for Gateway.

According to my dad, he works 12 hour shifts.  He works two days on and two days off.  My dad says his job includes checking the injured and starting medical procedures like starting IV’s and taking EKG’s.  After that, he takes them to the hospital with his partner, Brendon.

Emergencies happen everywhere.  Dr. Jackson, Head of School for Miriam Academy, practices tornado, fire and intruder drills with the students.  She has students move out of classrooms into the hallways away from glass.

If we did not have police officers, paramedics, firemen and SWAT teams, more bad things would happen and people could die.

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