Fashion trends for 2017

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Fashion trends for 2017

Story and captions by Molly Caro, Photo Editor

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This story is about everyday teen fashion trends all around the world to let teens know what the latest teen fashion trends are. By talking about teen fashion trends.

The latest international fashion trends are…

A fashion trend for teens are indie style clothes. A lot of teens are the same but not all of them. Or wearing fake diamond stud earrings. The fake diamonds are like stars in space. And cozy velvet. It’s always good to be cozy. And last choker necklaces. They are so in style.

Indie style clothes people wear now that are in trend is leather jackets, stripes and round lens sunglasses. Indie style clothes are. Indie fashion and style tends to be alternative and non-corporate in design, often including denim, short shorts, slouchy tops and boots. Indie is short for “independent,” and the style is often associated with certain types of rock music.

To be trendy if you have your ears pierced you should wear fake diamond earrings. From places like Etsy, Amazon, Overstock, Icing, Nordstroms and Claire’s. There are many different kinds of fake diamonds.

The most popular clothes material is cozy velvet. It is especially in the seasons Fall and Winter. Cozy Velvet comes in clothing such as shirts, dresses, robes and tank tops. But mostly robes.

Another thing that is in style is choker necklaces. You can find choker necklaces almost any clothings store and any jewelry store. But mostly jewelry stores. Choker necklaces come in many colors. They can be layered choker necklaces or just single choker necklaces and they also come in different materials. Sometime they come with charms on the necklaces.

I emailed a fashion designer and interviewed her. Her name is Toni Hacker. She has been working in the industry since 1999.

When I asked Toni Hacker a couple questions her response to my questions were.

Why did some clothes go out of style?

Clothing styles develop from cultural need and heritage. Fashion has developed as a way for humans to express both their culture and themselves. As time passes, certain styles fall out of favor as culturally we wish to express ourselves differently…it is very easy to see that every decade since the beginning of the 1900’s looks very different because we are living and working very differently, both men and women. It would now seem silly for a woman living in 2016 to go into an office wearing a poodle skirt from the 1950’s, but it was perfectly acceptable (and even on-trend) during that particular decade in American culture. Ultimately particular styles of clothes go out of style because they look too ‘dated’…meaning they reflect too closely on a particular period in fashion history and no longer feel relevant to us culturally.

And my other question to her was.

What is your favorite fashion trend?

I’m actually not a big believer in ‘trends’…as a designer, I try to steer clear of creating items that are too trendy for the above reasons that I outlined in my first question. If there is a specific ‘trend’ that I am loving right now, it’s the return to more wearable, classic styles for women that allow them to live, move, and work as freely as their male counterparts in the workplace.

Student Maria Inman said that “my favorite color to wear is blue.”

Student Maria Inman said “my favorite places to shop are Zimi’s or Hot Topic.”

Mrs. Mormon says that “my favorite kind of shoes to wear is boots.”

Teacher Mrs. Brothers says that “I think that there will be patterns, bohemian style and platforms shoes will be in style in 2017.”

“Fashion in 2017 is really about not having rules. There is a sense of maximalism happening from bold print mixes to over-the-top accessories. This “more is more” idea can really be what you want to make it- the key is having confidence. I would say 2017 is a year to take some risks and try something new!”

“That being said it’s hard to say what isn’t considered trendy. There is a big opportunity this coming year to recycle past “trends” and make them feel new.”

Mary Hoemeyer

Designer at Sam Edelman in New York City

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